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  • Tashviq HaqueTashviq HaqueMONASH University Malaysia, Masters of International Business-July’15 intake

    “I really loved the way Fast Track Education Services helped in our total admission process. I appreciate their hard work and almost effort for which things become very much easy for me.”

  • Shuvashis ChakrabortyShuvashis ChakrabortyMONASH University Malaysia, Bachelor of Engineering-July’15 intake

    “FAST TRACK EDUCATION SERVICES LTD. has given me an opportunity to study on one of the best university in the world, MONASH University I would like to appreciate their essential support on their part to apply for my designated University and update me on their application throughout the process. I did felt a bump in the middle during my application but FTES personally called the university official and re-confirmed my application process and now I’m on my way to MONASH University, ready to face anything they throw at me, and all thanks goes to FTES. I would not have done it without you people.”

  • Promit Pius GomesPromit Pius GomesMONASH University Australia, Masters of Development Practice- July'15 intake

    “I am very much thankful to FAST TRACK EDUCATION SERVICES LTD for helping me to get admission in MONASH University, Australia. To keep me in touch and prepare all my documents. Hope you people will stay in touch in future to help me. Thank you”.

  • Asif RanaAsif RanaMONASH University Malaysia, Bachelor of Engineering-July’15 intake

    "Fast Track Education Services took the responsibility of my admission in Monash University Malaysia. They are well experience and they know what they are doing. The members of Fast Track are very helpful and they always welcome questions from the students. Throughout all of the lengthy application process Fast Track was beside me always.

    Best of luck Fast Track and keep up the good work."

  • Dhruba Mark SikderDhruba Mark SikderMONASH University Malaysia, Bachelor of Engineering- July’15 intake

    "Fast Track Education Services has given an extraordinary service since the day I decide to take help for processing my Application, admission, VAL and other things. I hope Fast Track helps me the way they helped till now."

  • Sumon Edward RozarioSumon Edward RozarioTAYLOR'S University, Masters in Finance- July'15

    "It is really great to have an unbeaten collaboration and work with Fast Track Education Services. First of all I have found most important side of yours always appreciate to us as well as motivate strongly to adhere with process. Moreover as I have applied for the Taylor’s University’s Masters program for July intake. But the Visa processing duration time is getting prolong. I think it should have a reasonable time for this VAL processing. I just want to say are thing to help me always even I go to the Malaysia. Best of luck of your upcoming days."

  • Mehedi Hassan FattahMehedi Hassan FattahSWINBURNE University, MBA- July'15

    "Thank You So Much for organising Yesterday's Program. Yesterday's Program was speechless and mind blowing. The Program Was also very informative for all of the students. I really appreciate Your Hard Work and Support for taking our career into a new platform. I also want to mention that Amit Vaia's Hard Work and Friendly Communication Style with the students boost confidence among the students. And Faria Apu is also very supportive. Thanks a lot to You, Amit Vaia and Faria Apu for taking all the pressures in order to make an application successful. Thank You."


  • Karishma AminKarishma AminMONASH University Malaysia, MIB- July'15

    "Excellent service. It was great working with you all. Thanks Fast Track Team!"

  • Farah HossainFarah HossainSUNWAY University & College, August'15

    "I’m really glad that I found Fast Track your services is amazing. You guys are really helpful and friendly. I appreciate the way you guys represent. Keep it up."

  • Rizwan KamalRizwan KamalSEGi University & College, August'15

    "The service was really good and thanks to Fast Track team for helping me to find a way in Malaysia. Hope to see you guys again. Keep me in your prayers."


    "My first experience with Fast Track Education Services Ltd wasn’t mine but my brother’s. I have never seen anyone transfer universities with such ease and the credit goes to Fast Track Education Services Ltd. Mr. Peter and Amit bhaiya has helped him through every step of the elaborate process. So now when I’m planning to follow my elder brother down the same road, I couldn’t think of anyone but them. The sincerity, honesty and kindness are really visible in their work. Thank you Fast Track Education Services Ltd for making my dream comes true."


    "Fast Track Education Services Ltd has been the best guide I could ask for and would highly recommend to any of my peers. They are organized, professional but also very open and friendly. One thing that distinguishes “Fast Track Education Services Ltd” from any other university consultant is that they focus on creating relationship with the students, ultimately creating a family. They make sure every step is on point and carried out efficiently.
    One improvement that I can recommend is that they could alert the student in deadlines and prompt them to complete necessary steps much easier so that there is no room for ‘last minutes fiasco”."

    What Her Mother Says about us

    "We are very satisfied with your services. You have rendered to us so far. i have already recommended my colleagues in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dhaka your organization name “Fast Track Education Services Ltd”. I hope the “Fast Track Education Services Ltd” will do much better in future. My best wishes for them."

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dhaka

    At the beginning I was bit confused about the whole process but thanks to Fast Track Education Services Ltd to make feel case and complete the whole process smoothly. Even though I was bit confused, but I have confidence on them as one of my friend went to MONASH through Fast Track Education Services Ltd. I would really like to thank Peter bhai and the whole team to make the process done without any hassle.

  • Ridwan ChowdhuryRidwan ChowdhurySunway College, MUFY-March'16

    It has been an absolute pleasure knowing and working with you. The way you have handled everything, and the way you have guided me has been amazing. I wish you all the very best and hope to see you again.

  • Farajj Rahman KhanFarajj Rahman KhanCurtin University Sarawak Campus, Bachelor of Egineering, July'16 intake

    I landed in Miri safely. It is really beautiful and peaceful around the Curtin campus.
    I want to thank you all for your kind support and unconditional help.
    If you can, please encourage the new students to come here at Curtin. I have stayed both in Sunway during doing the MUFY program at Sunway College and now in Miri. I am in love with Miri. It is the perfect place to study and enjoy at the same time. No distractions at all and the senior students, lectureres and university officers are very helpful.
    If you require any help from my side, feel free to contact me.

  • Nafiz Anzoom AbirNafiz Anzoom AbirMonash University Malaysia, Bachelor of Business and Commerce, Feb’17

    Fast Track Education Services is one of the greatest education services providers I have ever seen. Everyone in this institution is very cooperative. When I applied for Monash University Malaysia, all the people in Fast Track Education services were more concerned about my application than I myself was. They really helped me out. I am so glad now. And in the upcoming Feb’17 intake, I will catch my flight In-Sh- Allah. Thanks to the Fast Track family.

  • Sakibul HaqSakibul HaqSwinburne Sarawak, MBA (International), Feb’17

    From the moment I signed up at fast track’s office their assistance has been instantaneous and consistent. They helped me filter through programmes and universities quickly and helped find the programme best suited for me. I did not even have to worry about the headaches of the application process as fast track took care of that for me. Thank you, Fast Track!

  • Md Abul BasherMd Abul BasherMonash University, Master in International Business, Feb’2017

    It has been a wonderful journey till now to be a part of Fast Track Education Service Ltd as well as Monash University. Especially I want to thank Mr. Peter Paul D Costa who helped me a lot along with all the members of Fast Track Education Services Ltd. They helped me in every single step in my application process. May be without their help it would not be possible for me to accomplish all the tasks so comfortably. So I’m thanking all the members of Fast Track and wishing their future progress.

  • Asif Foysal MeemAsif Foysal MeemMonash University Australia, Bachelor of Information Technology , Feb’17

    Transferring from Monash University Malaysia was a last minute decision, but despite the time restrictions Fast Track Education Services Ltd have continuously reassured me of my positive chances. They have been extremely supportive through all of the university’s formalities. Wishing them the best of luck in future.

  • Sabrina NourinSabrina Nourin75% Scholarship at Monash University Malaysia, Postgraduate Diploma in Business , Feb’17

    It was a great experience to work with Fast Track Education Services Ltd. They are quite knowledgeable and professional regarding the university Fast Track works with. As a consultant, they did a thorough assessment regarding my and concerned university's requirement and communicate accordingly. It's staffs are very helpful and friendly. Mr. Amit Anthony Costa helped me a lot to get admitted at Monash University and arrange the scholarship. He was extremely organised with the information regarding the course and university. I am very impressed with his thoroughness and professionalism. At second stage, Ms. Noor E Fahmida helped me a lot to arrange accommodation and admission documentation. Her clear communication feedback on time skill are really recommendable. I wish all success to Fast Track Education Services Ltd.

  • Sharmin KhushbuSharmin KhushbuMBA graduate from Victoria University, Melbourne

    I was a kind of person who always loves to take risk to learn something new everyday. Every step of my life taught me something new that made me who I am today. After finishing my bachelor I was a bit confused about my profession. I wanted to learn something that can help me in every step of my life. So I choose MBA. Because, I believe that MBA can help you to cope up with every field you like to work in. While choosing my study career, I met so many agency advisor but was not satisfied with their offer. At last, there was a man with a golden heart who helped me to find the best place that suits me and my career. And now I am a MBA graduate from Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia and working in Micheal Kors brand as a sales assistant. After finishing my degree, now I am getting better job offer from renowned companies. I am having a better life here and all my credit goes to PETER PAUL Bhaia. Thanks for all you concern, love and support. You are an amazing person. Thanks for still keeping in touch with me and supporting me in my every decision. Thanks for everything.

  • Chowdhury Ahnaf RakeenChowdhury Ahnaf RakeenMUFY leading to MBBS, February 2017 intake, Monash University, Australia

    I have currently applied to Monash University in Australia. My decision to study abroad was not entirely in my mind. I did not get the idea that I would study abroad. I had to go through a lot of decisions and plans, and when I went to Fast Track, they gave me a lot of options. They made my mind more clear.

  • Syed Hasan MasnaSyed Hasan MasnaBachelor of Engineering, September17, The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

    The entire team of FTES consists of experienced individuals. So far I have never encounter such passionate professionals. They are very much straightforward about everything. Moreover, I never felt like a client. Mr. Amit answered all my queries regarding my application. He is a very open minded person and he was never reluctant to answer any of my questions. Mr. Peter and Mr. Shipon also assisted me in any sort of unavoidable circumstance. I wish the entire Fast Track Team a bright future ahead. My gratefulness towards their service is priceless. They are not only education counselors but also dream changers.

  • Sami Bin HamidSami Bin HamidBSc in Accounting and Finance validated by Lancaster University, Sunway University

    Sunway University has been a great experience so far. The environment is very friendly. The education is really good. I find this place a nice place to study and enjoy the life at the same time. The teaching staff has been remarkable so far because they are moderated by Lancaster University. Lecturers are always very helpful. Even outside the classrooms, they offer consultations. And we can always email them and they are eager to reply. They are always there to support.

    Malaysia, it’s been a good experience so far. The food, the people, the education, everything, if you put them together has been a good experience. The local people have always been helpful. If anyone would like to go abroad for studies from Bangladesh, I would really recommend them to come to Malaysia. Since this place is multi-cultural, we find friends from different nations.

    I applied through Fast Track Education Services. They helped me a lot. I had some of the issues regarding the application …… some problems. But they were always supportive and responsive towards my emails. So far they have still been helping me if I have issues regarding re-applying for visa, etc. I can always call someone and they will always be there to support me.

  • Lamia Afrin RatryLamia Afrin RatryBachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours), Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak

    “Malaysia is a nice country. Actually, it's easy to travel from bangladesh which makes it more convenient. As Malaysia is a Muslim country it's easy to get Halal food, mosques. etc which concerns many people. As a whole I like the country. The staffs here in Swinburne University are really helpful. They make sure about every comfort and ease of the students. The students here are really co operative. The lecturers are really qualified. As this is a branch of Australian campus, they make sure that high quality of education is delivered. Fast track services Ltd has been co-operative from the beginning. They are loyal and helpful. They helped me to get in the right university.”

    Bachelor of Engineering - Swinburne University Sarawak Campus